iPhone 15

iPhone 15 is Absolutely Incredible!

iPhone 15 has an all-new design that’s simply gorgeous. Starting from the front, it has the Dynamic Island, which has been a hit with our Pro users.

The Dynamic Island fluidly expands and adapts to your alerts and Live Activities, creating an experience that’s so intuitive, that it feels magical.


Now even more users can easily control their music or see the next direction in Maps.

Amazing community of developers have made the Dynamic Island even more useful  by expanding what it can do.

iPhone 15
iPhone 15


iPhone 15 Price 

iPhone 15 $799 ,

iPhone 15 Plus $899,

 iPhone 15 Pro $999, 

iPhone 15 Pro Max  $1199

Now you can track a pizza delivery and follow the big game at the same time.

When you’re catching a flight, you can see which gate you’re leaving from, and how long until boarding time.

iPhone 15 which uses OLED technology

It’s more helpful than ever and the Dynamic Island looks fantastic on the Super Retina XDR display, which uses OLED technology.  It provides an exceptional viewing experience, with thinner borders, rich color, and support for Dolby Vision.

Peak brightness can now go up to 2000 nits

And now, it’s even brighter.  Peak HDR brightness reaches 1600 nits,  so HDR photos and videos will look better than ever. When it’s sunny, peak brightness can now go up to 2000 nits, twice as bright as iPhone 14.

It comes in two sizes:  6.1 inches for iPhone 15 and 6.7 inches for iPhone 15 Plus. The larger display of iPhone 15 Plus gives you more space for text when you’re reading the latest article, post, or message, and the bigger display is perfect when you choose larger text.

Both sizes feel even nicer in your hand due to a new contoured edge on the aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure. For the first time ever in a smartphone, iPhone 15 has color embedded throughout a single piece of durable color-infused glass.

iPhone 15 colors 

Use metallic ions to build color into the foundation of the material itself, precisely controlling the saturation to create five stunning colors: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black.

To provide the durability users depend on, custom dual ion-exchange process for this new material and polished it with nano-crystalline particles. Then it’s etched to create a textured matte finish that feels incredible.

iPhone 15 has Ceramic Shield

iPhone 15 has Ceramic Shield, tougher than any smartphone glass, and water and dust resistance, so it’s built to last. And iPhone holds its value longer than any other smartphone. This is good for users, and good for the environment, since it helps conserve finite natural resources.

iPhone 15 has Maximizing use of recycled 

Maximizing use of recycled content. The enclosure  uses 75% recycled aluminum. For the first time, using 100 % recycled cobalt in the battery and 100 % recycled copper foil in the main logic board and  MagSafe charger.

iPhone 15 has an entirely new advanced camera system

iPhone 15 has an entirely new advanced camera system.  It is designed to help users take fantastic photos of everyday moments in their lives.

So bringing an amazing 48 MP Main camera to iPhone 15.

It’s built for shooting sharp photos and videos every day, with a quad-pixel sensor and 100 % focus Pixels for fast autofocus.

This 48 MP camera opens up some exciting capabilities. You’re outside on a bright, sunny day. You can maximize resolution with a 48MP photo, like this majestic landscape, which captures the fine details of the mountains, the rolling hills, and even the individual shingles on the houses.

So use computational photography to take the Main camera to the next level.  The sensor group every four pixels together into a larger two-micron pixel for fantastic light capture. Then Photonic Engine takes the image that’s been optimized for light capture and combines it with a super-high resolution image for rich details.

iPhone 15 The result is a 24MP photo

The result is a 24MP photo with incredible image quality and double the resolution. It perfectly balances light and detail, and has a practical file size that’s great for storing and sharing. And with all these pixels, can do more than increase the resolution.

iPhone 15 2x Telephoto 

Using the middle 12MP of the new sensor, we enabled a new 2x Telephoto option for capturing photos and 4K video with optical quality. It’s like having a third camera! It helps you feel closer to the scene, and because it’s enabled by the Main camera, it has the same f/1.6 aperture and sensor-shift optical image stabilization, which helps you take fantastic photos even in low light.

iPhone 15 You can zoom out to capture

You can zoom out to capture the whole scene, or zoom in for the perfect close-up all with optical quality. When you’re shooting videos, the 2x Telephoto also has continuous zoom, so you can frame the scene, like here in 4K Cinematic mode.

iPhone 15 perfect for portraits

It helps you feel closer to your subject, so it’s perfect for portraits, which are getting even better. The next generation of portraits on iPhone! Now, it’s even easier to get stunning portraits of your friends and family.  Portraits will get richer color and great low light performance. It’s full of vivid color and detail, and it uses a rich depth map to create a beautiful bokeh effect. iPhone caught the perfect moment with zero shutter lag.

Stunning portrait right away or later on in 

A split second later, and it just wouldn’t be the same. And it’s easier to take a portrait, because now you don’t have to remember to switch to Portrait mode. Using machine learning, we can detect when there’s a person in the frame and capture rich depth information automatically, so you can turn it into a stunning portrait right away, or later on in the Photos app.


It even works with dogs and cats portraits in your pets 

It even works with dogs and cats, so you can have more portraits in your pets album in iOS 17 automatically. And with the rich depth map, introducing Focus and Depth Control for a whole new level of creative control. Take super-high resolution portrait.

switch the focus the focus one subject to another photo has been taken

Now you can switch the focus from one subject to another after the photo has been taken. It gives you so many more options with your photos, and less to think about in the moment. When it’s dark, night mode is getting better too, it has sharp details and vibrant colors so it beautifully captures the texture of  skin, the latest Smart HDR captures both the sky and your subject with vivid color and even more true-to-life rendering of skin tones.

Use true depth front camera new Smart HDR

Use true depth front camera  it uses new Smart HDR to beautiful capture.  When you’re looking at HDR photos in the Photos app, they’ll have brighter highlights with richer mid-tones.

computational photography with the

By combining advanced computational photography with the 48MP Main camera, Ultra Wide camera, and True Depth front camera, iPhone 15 makes it easy to take great-looking photos and videos every day.

iPhone 15 has an incredible chip: A16 Bionic


And it’s all powered by Apple silicon. iPhone 15 has an incredible chip: A16 Bionic. It was introduced on iPhone 14 Pro, and it’s proven how powerful fast, and efficient it is.  The custom image signal processor enables the advanced camera system so you can capture fantastic high-resolution photos and videos.

The 16-core Neural Engine handles everything

The 16-core Neural Engine handles everything from computational photography to Live Voicemail transcriptions on device in order to protect your privacy.

The 5-core GPU has

The 5-core GPU has 50% more memory bandwidth than A15 Bionic, so it’s even better for graphics-intensive games.

And the  6-core CPU

And the  6-core CPU has two high-performance cores, which are faster and use 20% less power than A15 Bionic. The four high-efficiency cores can handle most daily tasks, so even with all the new features, iPhone 15 still has all-day battery life.

And iPhone 15 Plus has a bigger

And iPhone 15 Plus has a bigger battery that lasts even longer, for  those days when you forget to charge or just want to spend more time gaming, browsing the web, or on FaceTime with your friends.

iPhone 15 uses powerful wired and wireless technologies

Now let’s talk about connectivity. iPhone 15 uses powerful wired and wireless technologies.  To tell you about the exciting new wireless features coming to iPhone 15. iPhone uses wireless technologies to make everyday activities easier, like streaming videos with Air Play, or easily sharing contact information with Name Drop using near field communication .

iPhone was the first smartphone with Ultra Wideband

iPhone was the first smartphone with Ultra Wideband, which is great for identifying where your keys are hiding in the couch. Ultra Wideband is getting even better this year because just like Apple Watch, iPhone 15, has our cutting-edge second generation Ultra Wideband chip.

This chip also opens up a completely new way to use Precision

So iPhone 15 can connect to other devices with this chip from up to see times farther away.  This chip also opens up a completely new way to use Precision Finding on iPhone 15: to find your friends. When you’re in a crowded place like a train station or a farmer’s market, and your friends share their location, you’ll be guided right to them, with clear directions and distance.

It’s built into Find My

It’s built into Find My, so it has all the same privacy protections that users have come to trust . Sometimes a phone call is the best way to reach someone.

fantastic 5G performance

iPhone already has fantastic 5G performance, and now audio quality on phone calls is getting better too because iPhone 15 uses a more advanced machine learning model that automatically prioritizes your voice.

filter out even more distracting

If you prefer to filter out even more distracting background noise, just select voice Isolation, and you’ll come through loud and clear.

iPhone introduced a breakthrough new service: Emergency SOS via satellite

iPhone introduced a breakthrough new service: Emergency SOS via satellite. It’s having an extraordinary impact, including helping first responders rescue people after accidents and natural disasters.  And users have let their loved ones know that they’re safe, by updating their location with Find My via satellite in places from the Shetland Island in Scotland to mount wellington in Tasmania.

Emergency SOS and Find My via satellite

Emergency SOS and Find My via satellite have expanded to 14 countries on three continents, and they’re coming to Spain and Switzerland this month. Emergency SOS was built for serious emergencies that require a first responder. But say you have car trouble and no cellular or Wi-Fi services.

Roadside Assistance via satellite

For those times, we’re introducing Roadside Assistance via satellite. It’s built on the same advanced technology as our existing satellite service, and it’s so easy to use. Just text Roadside Assistance and select what Kind of help you need.

Launching in the US with AAA,

Then the intuitive interface will guide you to connect to a satellite and share that information with a roadside assistance provider. They’ll message you directly and dispatch help to your exact location, with the right equipment to get you moving.

It’s launching in the US with AAA, the country’s largest roadside assistance provider.  Roadside service is covered by AAA membership and also available separately for non-members. This is yet another way that iPhone is essential in our lives. We’re thrilled to include access to these satellite services free for two years with iPhone 15. These best-in-class wireless capabilities keep you connected when you’re on the go.

USB-C has become a universally accepted standard

Now let’s talk about iPhone’s wired capabilities. The connector is used for charging, syncing data, or connecting to accessories.  USB-C has become a universally accepted standard. It enable charging transferring data playing audio and video and it’s been built into Apple products for years.

Now, the same cable can charge Mac, iPad, iPhone

Now, the same cable can charge Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even Air Pods Pro 2nd Generation which is updated with a USB-C connector if your Air Pods are low on power, you can charge them, or even an Apple Watch, right from your iPhone. we’re also bringing USB-C to Ear-pods, so they can work with iPhone 15 seamlessly.

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